Kundapur: Hindu Janajagrathi samiti organizes protest against ‘Dundi Novel’

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Kundapur; August 31: The Hindu Janajagrathi Samiti, Kundapur unit has organized a protest at Kundapur Shashtri circle on August 30, Friday condemning the disgrace, dishonor, insult made to the sanctity of most adorable, worshipping Hindu God Ganapathi in ‘Dundi’novel by the author and publisher of the book and demanded an immediate arrest of the author and publisher for hurting the sentiments of Hindu people and for the ban of the novel.




Addressing the protestors Vijaya Kumar, reconciliation officer,Udupi taluk Hindu Janajagrathi Samiti said in his address that recently at Bangalore, novel “Dundi”authored by Yogeesh master has been released, wherein he has portrayed  obnoxiously the most adorable,sacred and worshipping Hindu God Ganapati as ‘rowdy,cruel,belongs to backward class etc,thereby hurting the religious sentiments of Hindu people.




India is holy place, God’s place but aggression, onslaught on Hindus and disrespect, insult to Hindu Gods has been happening since past and in case such incidents are not to be repeated, law should take its hand to punish the author and publisher of the novel and the novel which hurt the religious sentiments of the Hindus should be banned, he said




Lakshmeesha Hawaldar, Hindu Janajaagratha sanghatane worker, Raghuveera Nagarkar, Shobha and Jagarana Vedhike workers were present.

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