7000 people set to perform Haj from the State: First voyage on September 7

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Mangalore, August 31: This year nearly 7000 people are moving to Hujj voyage and the process is in final stage.  From September 7 the first voyage will be start from Mangalore airport and for the benefit of 7000 people; facilities are arranged in the several places such as Bangalore, Mangalore, Hyderabad and Goa.  Nearly 1100 Hujj tourists will travel from Dakshina Kannada, Udupi, Hasana, Chikkamagalur, Kodagu district through Mangalore centre and 1000 Hujj tourist will travel from Gularga, Beedar, Rayachur, Yadagiri in Hyderabad centre. 900 people will travel from Uttara Kannada, Belagam through Goa centre and remained 4000 tourists will be move from Bangalore centre.  In this centre Andhra Pradesh, Chittur, Ananthapura distict Hujj tourists also will move for the voyage.

First Voyage: Through the Government’s Hujj committee the first batch of this year will start at Mangalore on September 7 and C.M Siddaramaiah will inaugurate the programme. From Mangalore and Goa tourists will directly move to Madeena. From Bangalore and Hyderabad facilities are made to travel directly to Jedda. The necessary facilities are made for the tourists in the old airport and food, Namaz facilities are also prepared. In the Aeroplane, each tourist is allowed to carry 22kgs 2 bags and 10kg weight hand bag.

‘Every preliminary preparation is done regarding the 2013 Hujj tourism. The voyage will start from four centres and first voyage will start from Mangalore on September 7. State Hujj committee will provide the information to the tourists- Shek Lathif, CEO of Karnataka State Hujj Committee.

By: Sathish Kapikad

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