Ethina Hole project will have affect on Nethravathi River: Dr. Madhyasta

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Mangalore, August 28: Each river having their own speciality in playing the role and flowing and any project by using the Nethravathi River, may cause for suffering, said Environment specialist Dr.N. A. Madhyasta.

He was giving lecture on river turning project; positive- negative in the ‘Karavali krushi- prakruthi-samskruthi ulisi ‘campaign, organised by Nagarika Seva Trust at NGO hall, he said that by joining to sea, rivers plays a good role to maintain the ecological balance and also helps to species. If turning project implemented, it will leads to natural imbalance and after 10-12 year only salty water will circulate to houses and MCC may announce like clean the water to drink, expressed the anxiety.

He further said that former Chief Minister Sadanada Gowda told only 7 to 8 trees will be collapsed, but as i saw, there are 12 trees for each 100 meter. Without cutting those trees, how they can build the route to flow the water, he asked.

Western ghat relating projects may cause for the problem to ecological species and he gave the example of elephants attack. Through this project, many living beings will be turns to endanger species and small stagnant area will cause for to spread the Dengue, Malaria and other kind of diseases, he warned.

By: sathish kapikad

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