Hundreds of problem in hundred days of administration of Congress: Monappa Bhandary

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Mangalore, August 28: ‘After coming to power, state congress government has released a book in the memory of its 100th days of administration, but book highlights the several problems and even the ministry also a problem in that. So far there is no ministry formed in the government, which shows the problems of party and by announcing several project, C.M Siddaramaih acts like, he done a big contribution, alleged legislative council member Monappa Bhandary.


Addressing the presspersons at BJP office, he said that according the congress rules, without the permission of high command, no decision can be taken. But Siddaramaih caused for dissatisfaction in the high command by taking his own decision. Hence, Sonia Gandhi has written the letter regarding the issue and asked about the necessity for construction of coordination committee.

So far local institutions president and vice presidents are not yet selected, hence it caused to high handedness of the officials. By taking the ban on cattle slaughtering, C.M has inspired the cattle slaughterers and robbers thieves the cattle by showing the swords to people. They don’t have any kind of fear, is this contribution of state government? He asked.

We welcome the government’s project to give the rice for one rupee and we urge to implement the project in proper manner. During the BJP government people were getting rice, sugar, kerosene and all, but people gets only rice. By reducing the rice of APL card holder follows the injustice rules, he said.

By: Sathish Kapikad

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