Government must not hand over the mid day meal project to private company: SFI urges

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Mangalore, August 24: Opposing the handing over of mid day meal project management to private corporate company student federation of India staged a protest in front of the Zilla panchayat office.


After strong protest government has implemented the mid day meal project to make the children re join the school and protect from the poverty, Malnutrition and social discrimination. Due to the project the number children increased in the school and they were given the food from available seeds, plants and vegetables. But, government filed to give the gas, gas stove and pure water. Now government decided to hand over the project to private sector and due to bringing of prepared food there is much chance for deterioration. It effects on food makers in the school, hence, government must not hand over the project to private company and SFI condemns this action, said that protestors.

By: Sathish Kapikad 

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