Spoilage Food; More than 50 passangers are ill ; two people are in serious condition

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Mangalore, August 19: Due to the spoilage food, in the Maru Sagar train, plying from Ajmeer to Ernakulam , more than 50 passengers have became ill and two are in serious condition.

Later, train stopped at Kankanadi railway station and and patients were admitted to hospital . As the train reached Kasaragod, several others also started showing symptoms and the train had to be stopped at Kasaragod station. The names of the victims are  Muhammad Kutti, Nisar(25) Panur, Saheer(26), Misriya, Thiroor, Mansur(27) Angadipura, Gayuf (42), Hashim(37), Kuttipura, Khadeeja (45)Chelakkedi, Nabeesa (32), Kunjhi Moideen (45), Aboobakkar, Malapuram and Hamza.

Some patients were treated at the station itself and those  in serious condition were shifted to general hospital.  It is said that  after taking food supplied in the train, people started vomiting, hence, the train had to be stopped for a long time. Later it headed towards Ernakulam.

By: sathish Kapikad

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