Miscreants thrown stones to Mosque ; attempt to pollute the peace

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Mangalore, August 16: Some miscreants have thrown stones to Masjidusallam Mosque of Konaje and tried to pollute the peace in around the area on Wednesday.

Mischief- Makers have thrown the stones at around 12.30 am to the Mosque, which is located atKonaje to Pajeer going route. But neighbours had informed the situation to administration committee. When Secretary Muhammad Iqbal visited the place, accused fled away through the bike, which was standing in front of B.C.M hostel. Due to the stone attack, the window glass pieces were spread inside of the Mosque.

Konaje police have filed the complaint.

Second time stone attack:

This is second time stone attack in the year and last time the attack was occurred on February 11th.

It suspected that the clash between Sunni and Salafi might the cause for attack and it created to pollute the peace.

By: sathish Kapikad

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