Uninterrupted rain destroys areca crops; rotten disease snatches the hopes of farmers

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DK/Udipi; August 14:  In undivided Udipi, Dakshina Kannada .Shimog, Chickmaglur and north Kannada mostly areca nuts are being grown in abundance. But this time due to continuous rain, rotten disease which played havoc on areca nut crop, the backbone of the farmers is showing all the signs of snatching the life from the farmers and tender areca nuts are falling from the tree before its maturity due to rotten disease. Though with the spraying of Bordo liquid 90% of the disease can be controlled, this time due to torrential rain 70% of the areca nut trees have been remained without spraying.


Primarily in Udipi and Dakshina Kannada district areca nut crop plays an important role in deciding the financial status of the farmers, this time farmers are worried due to the loss of crops due to rotten disease.50% of the areca nut cultivation is already gone out of farmers hand and remaining 50% of the farmers are struggling to save the crop. Those who have relied on areca nut cultivation, which is the only source of income, are now in disarray.


According to horticultural department’s statistics areca nut cultivation is done in a total of 27,645 hectares of land in Dakshina Kannada district, with the expectation of 1,27,782 quintal of areca nut yield  but this year it is expected to 90,000 quintals of yield and in udipi district in 5864 hectares of land areca nut are being cultivated, with the yield of 36,650 quintals of areca nut produce but this year expected to plummet 20,000 quintals and likewise in Shimog  in 41,185 hectares of land 2,94,627 quintal produce and in north Kannada district in 16,078 hectares,1,14,162 quintals of areca nut produce is expected. A total of 50% decrease in the output  is expected this year.


The detailed report on the loss of areca nut cultivation due to rotten disease has been submitted to state government.


In Karkala taluk in 3000 hectares of land  used to cultivate areca nut crop but this time 40% of the crop has been destroyed due to incessant rain.In order to protect the crop, rain guard could have been adopted but it is very difficult task. The rotten disease can be controlled only through spraying of Bordo liquid and Kavach.

The government has not given any compensation to the farmers who lost the crops but this year due to heavy loss of crops as result of rotten diseases, a comprehensive report has been submitted to government as reported by Vishwanath, Senior director, horticultural department.

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