Card problem echoed in the Taluk Panchayat

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Mangalore, August 13: Due to the various memorandums circular, common people are roaming office to office, hence there is need of specific decision, said one of the member of Taluk Panchayat.

Taluk Panchayat president Harish was presided over the meet regarding the different cards.

NPR holders do not need to make the Aadhar card, both having the same technology, people are questioning us, henece we need correct clarification regarding the card; otherwise we are helpless to answer, said one of the member. In the response Talhsildar said that Aadhara card is necessary along with NPR card, both the cards having different intension. Cards are very important to the people and arrangement will be made in every rural area for distribution, he said.


Action to join the children to school: The actions are taking to re joining the children. By raiding the several area children are made to join Chinnara Thangudama at Bejai and Kapikad. But there is lack of women security, said education department officer.

RTE confusion: The private institution are receiving huge amount of fee and donation. Though the matter is informed to department official, no strict action is taking, Puttige constituency member.

Basava Project: Basava Projects following unscientific way. People cannot build the house in 450 Sq.ft. according new direction rout there are chance to make house in the 700 Sq. Ft, if this is the case , then what about old projects matter, asked members.

Office problem: there is no fundamental facility in the taluk panchayat members. Even toilet, chairs and rooms also not proper and the roofs is leaking, but false assurance given, members expressed the dissatisfaction.

By: Satish Kapikad

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