Beejadi: Man who went to beach met with watery grave

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Kundapur; August 06: It has been reported on August 06, Tuesday morning that a man who went to take sea- bath as a part of ‘Aati Amavasya’ tradition met with water grave in Beejadi, near Kundapur.


The deceased has been identified as Suresh Mogaveera, aged 31, resident of Beejadi, son of Badiya Mogaveera and Laxmi Mogaveera and an auto driver.


Sources said that daily he used to go for fishing in morning and returns in the noon. Besides he was also doing driver job in the afternoon.


Today being the ‘Aati Amavasya’ (Karkataka Amavasya) he has gone for sea bath in the nearby sea as a part of his tradition but his destiny proves other way around. As he was  taking bath, a strong rough wave came and he was caught up in the wave and drowned. In spite of local’s efforts to save him, he could not be saved and all their efforts went in vain.

The deceased was unmarried and an auto driver by profession in Govadi rickshaw stand near Kantheshwar

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