Personal rivalry : Youth dragged to death.

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Mangalore, Aug 6, 2013: A young man VikranthShetty (27) had been murdered near Morgansgate Railway Bridge in Mangalore on August 5, Monday night.


The deceased was working at a recreation club near Jyothi and he said to be a resident of Shantigudde.


Sources say that when he was moving to his home after closing the club at around 11 pm., the assailants had come by vehicle and allegedly attacked him with lethal weapons with intension to killing him on the spot at the deserted road.


Though police presumed it as accident case, later it came to light that it was a murder and deceased bike was also found at the spot where he laid dead.


It says that might a personal rivalry cause for attack and investigation on process under supervision of Pandeshwar police.

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