Cattle trafficking; Youth assaulted by the group

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Bajpe, August 4: The local Bajarangal workers succeeded to stop the cow transporting pick- up and handover the cattle to police. Meanwhile they allegedly beat a local Muslim guy and fled from the spot, according the sources.

The cow traffickers ran away from the spot including driver, but Bagaragies attacked local guy, Shahul Hameed and caused for tensed environment, hence police were tighten the security around the area.

Attacked in front of police: Shahul Hameed was a patient and he was taking treatment for his illness. He says’ While returning back to my house after taking medicine, the group attacked me. Police were standing in the spot, but when i beg to stop the assault, they turned their face and went. I told them as i am sick, but they didn’t leave me. In them one person’s name Sheena’ he said.

By: Sathish Kapikad

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