Cultural dress code in the Kadri temple

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Mangalore, August 3: First time in the district, Kadri Manjunatha temple administration implemented dress code to the all devotees from June, according the sources.

Temple administration says that people can wear those dresses which shows the Indian culture and not looks obscene. But, body exposing dresses are prohibited, hence every men and women must follow this dress code, they say.

Regarding the issue temple chief executive officer Ningayya said that temple must influence the people to preserve and encourage our culture. Temple should be a religious centre and not a shopping centre or tourist place and it having its own boundary. Hence this rules implemented because of the boundary should not be crossed under the modernization, he said.

‘The board have been put in the entrance of the temple and guards will try their best to spread the awareness. Hence system will be tightened like this and in the coming days same like Viroopaksha temple, rule breaker devotees of foreign and other area will get temporary dress in the temple to follow the dress code’, he said.

‘After implementing the rules major changes taken place in the devotees. Every rule will have for and against, but it will be proper along with the time. There were oppose on prohibition of mobiles, cameras inside the temple and during sandal stand also, but along with the time it became a custom and dress code also will be successful’, he opined.

By: satish Kapikad

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