Moral Policing: Dalit girls were allegedly harassed

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Belthangadi, July 30: the two Dalit innocents were allegedly assaulted by four men along with police and branded them as prostitutes, here at Belthangadi, according the sources.

This incident is occured in Belthangadi taluk, when Shilpa (18) and Naina (16) , Dalit girls waiting for bus at Guruvayanakere, they were harassed by the bike men, named Dolphy and Shashi shetty and called them as prostitutes. Moreover, the bike men chased the girls to farm and torn their sweaters as well as molested by saying that’ lower castes should not wear such clothes of rich people’.

After that women’s were dragged back to bus stand they were berated and beaten in the presence of Belthangadi station constable. Along with them other two persons, named Kishore and Shekar tore the sweaters and local reporters forcibly took the picture.

When constable arrested those two girls and dragged to station, they were booked for indecent exposure and soliciting and sent to Mangalore district jail, despite Naina being a minor and they were released after three days on bail. Though the police claims injury marks were absent, a report from district Wenlock hospital catalogues injury marks were   absent, a report from district wenlock hospital catalogues injury marks to the back, hands and legs. When they discharged, those two girls and Dalit organisation met Superintendent of Police, but he said no case has been registered yet based on girls’ complaint and even Belthangadi police denied abusing the female as well as proved that they are having sufficient evidence to show the prostitution. Moreover, a Dalit organisation sent a letter to police with 400 signatures, stating that females were not of good character and urged that police not to file their complaint.

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