No note worthy projects : SP alleges

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Mangalore, July 24, 2013: ‘A year ago district administration had announced an Rs 5 crore package for the development of Naxal affected areas of the district. But, one year down the line, there is disappointment all over as hardly any note worthy project has been undertaken’, said Superintendent of Police Abhishek Goel.

Addressing the media persons he said that, nearly 70 per cent of the projects chalked out have not seen the light of the day and as of now, only 28 per cent of the planned projects have been undertaken. ‘Several other projects including construction of bridges and power generation projects are yet to commence. If 12 percent of the projects are progressing, five percent of the works had to be suspended due to litigations and denial of permission by the Forest Department. Hence, projects must be selected carefully, so that there is no problem in the implementation’, he said.

Naravi Gram Panchayat President Sumitra Mala Hegde states that the people of the Naxal hit areas are still suffering for want of basic amenities. ‘Though there had been a  promise  to increase projects under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MNREGS) for the villages, even that has not materialised as the number of people given work under the scheme in 2012-13 is 718 which is less when compared to the previous year. Even the promise to recruit youth from the Naxal hit areas to the KSRTC has not been fulfilled.

Meanwhile Deputy Commissioner N. Prakash attributes the delay in the implementation of the projects to the failure of the forest department to grant permission and also the problems faced by contractors in transporting materials.

By: Raj

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