Dr C K Hebbar selected as resource person to Asia Pacific Risk and Insurance Association

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Mangalore, July 24: Mangalore University Commerce department associate professor Dr. C.Kusumakar has been selected to present his four theses in 17th annual four days conference organised at New York St. Johns University from July 28 to July 31.

In this conference, he will be presenting the theses on 1. A study of retentions issues of insurance advertisers and a perception in an India perspective, 2. Awareness and usage of child insurance, 3. The role of information technology and insurance penetration and private, 4. Health insurance and rural areas.

Karnataka state government has appointed him as a lead agency to create the report about Dakshna Kannada District Human Empowerment and Deputy Commissioner has given the responsibility to prepare the project report about method to decrease the problems of cyclone. Presently, he is working as a project advertiser of Karnataka state harbour and water transportation department sustainable coastal protection, Dr C K Hebbar and Management Investment programme.

By: Raj

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