Mangalore; Alleged misappropriation at Kalikamba Temple; Complaint submittted to DC

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Mangalore,March22: City’s Kalikamba Vinayak Temple,situated in car street, was under the control of Endowment department during the period 1998-999.Now as per the norms of state government Temple Management has been fallen under the jurisidiction of VishwaKarma Community. But lately mismanagement, wrong doings in temple administration has been observed. In this regard thorough investigation has to be conducted by the government.

Already a written complaint in this regard has been submitted to District deputy commissioner as stated by Prabhakar Acharya.

Mr.Acharya without mincing the word in his press meet speech has alleged that the present Temple management is misusing the power, misappropriating Government money, assets and income generating from various other sources, details of Accounts being maintained in three banks are wrongly furnished intentionally by Vishwakarma community to deceive the state government as stated in written complaint submitted to District deputy commissioner.

It was on 15.01.2013 Vishwakarma Community has dismissed workers who were doing temple works without any enquiry, justification, arbitrarily it is alleged. In the memorandum submitted to commissioner it is stressed to conduct a thorough probe and take an appropriate action on all those who are engaged in all these wrongdoings, conspiracies.

A temple Management committee was formed on 30.09.2012 against the norms No.15, 16 and 17 of Temple’s constitution and petition has been filed in civil court in this regard to derecognize this committee. It has also been alleged that although there are 13 bank accounts in Temples name only details of 10 banks have been furnished and details of remaining three bank accounts have been kept secret.

Mr.Prabhakara Acharya, Chakreshwari, Judge,Shreenivas Acharya, Jayashree Acharya, Venkatesh Acharya were present in the press meet.

~ Shekar Moily & Sathish Kapikad

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