Udupi Polytechnic college students protest against present carry over system

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Udupi: All college students’ organization, staged protest in front of the DC office, against the issues faced by Udupi Polytechnic college students on Tuesday 2013.






Karnataka Polytechnic colleges are following carry over scheme from 23 July 2012, where a any student, fails to complete 10 subjects would further go to next level. Because of the rule, around 2000 students got chance for further education, But now the carry over subject is been reduced from 10 to just 4 or else they have to stay in the same semester.

In 2013 -14 around 2000 students will lose chance to study further per this law,  so district students against this law staged protest.

The students from Kadiyalli Indira College, TMAPai  Government technical college and other colleges participated in the protest.

Jaya Pragash Hegde(MP) assured a solution for the above.  Kumar, Assistant DC, assured that the memorandum will forwarded to the government.

Dinakar Shettyl advised of the organization, Jovin, Ajith karkera , Mohit and Danush and others there.

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