Harassment to Woman- identity mistaken, man assaulted.

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Ullal, December 1: A group that was waiting to thrash a person who was frequently eve teasing a woman, had by mistaken identity attacked on a religious preacher of a mosque. The incident took place at Mudungara Katte in Balepuni village at Mudipu.

The victim of the assault was Muneer Ahmed Sakhafi.


The local elected women’s representative had complained to her family that an ustad from Mudungara Katte was misbehaving behaving with her and was also sexually harassing her. The group of youths who by mistaken identity thought that Muneer was the ustad, assaulted on him, said the sources.

It is said that from the past one and half years, Muneer was working as mohilar in a Mosque in KC road. On Monday morning while he was moving on a bike to his house situated at Agari house in Kolnadu village in Salettur, group of five youths who came on two bikes came across his bike in front of Mudungara Katte higher primary school and assaulted Muneer with rods and wooden staffs, it is said.

The locals have seen the people who had assaulted Muneer. While they had been to file complaint at Konaje police station, the accused had gathered in front of police station. When asked to arrest the accused, the SHO Sudhakar has protected the accused, alleged supporters of Muneer.

When tense situation had prevailed after crowd began to gather in front of the police station demanding the arrest of the accused, the SHO Sudhakar arrested one accused named Prashanth.

Case settled in compromise:

Muneer who was assaulted has accused six persons in his complaint. On the other hand, the female elected representative from Mudungarakatte has complained that Muneer Sakafi was the person who was sexually harassing her. The Konaje police who received complaint and counter complaint from the two parties have registered a case.

On the evening of Monday, under the leadership of the local zilla panchayat member Santosh Kumar Rai Boliyar and social worker from Mudipu S K Hazar, a compromise meet was held in prescence of higher police officers at Konaje police station and both the parties arrived at a compromise. In relation to this incident, complaint and counter complaint has been filed and it was decided to compromise the case in court, it is said.

The Mudipu area is a place where people of two communities live in harmony and in the wake of the forth coming zilla panchayat polls, the untoward incidents are said to be taking place due to the influence of political parties, we will not allow such incidents to repeat in future, said SK Hazar and Santosh Boliyar.

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