Grand inauguration of ‘Alva’s Nudisiri – 2015′. 

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Mangaluru, November 27: The four day long 12th edition of ‘Alva”s Nudisiri-2015’, the cultural extravaganza organized by Alav’s Education Foundation, was inaugurated by renowned author Dr Veena Shanteshwara at Moodbidri on Thursday November 26th.

Beautiful  procession was taken in the beginning that highlighted the culture and tradition of this region.

Veteran scholar Dr T V Venkatachala Shastry presided over the inaugural ceremony.

Alvas_nudisiri_photo_1 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_2 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_3 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_4 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_5 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_6 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_7 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_2 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_3 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_4 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_5 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_6 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_7 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_8

Addressing the gathering later, Dr Veena Shanteshwar said, in relation to the cases of sexual assault on woman, strict laws must be made and punishment must be given immediately, she demanded. The person who has committed rape, or crime might be any sort of influential person, but soon after the crime is proved, severe punishment must be imposed, demanded Dr Veena Shanteshwar.

She said, in education system, the methodology of developing moral values must be employed. According to the Indian culture, respecting women, nature of forgiving individual freedom must be developed from the primary education level itself in children. When awareness is developed on the traditional values, it is possible to overcome the crime such as rape she said and expressed that we necessarily need a uniform civil code.

Alvas_nudisiri_photo_9 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_10 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_11 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_12 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_13 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_14 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_15 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_16 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_17 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_18 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_19 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_20 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_21 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_22 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_23

Intolerance is spread across the country. India is renowned for tolerance since long. If the country has to progress economically, tolerance is needed. Intolerance is not the problem only in India, but global problem. The entire world needs to unite to confront boldly the intolerance and terrorism in order to reinstate the moral values. The programme such as Nudisiri is a significant effort in the direction to enhance the harmony among us, said Dr Veena Shanteshwar.

Alvas_nudisiri_photo_24 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_25 Alvas_krisi_sirir_1 Alvas_krisi_sirir_2 Alvas_krisi_sirir_3 Alvas_krisi_sirir_4 Alvas_krisi_sirir_5 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_8 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_9 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_10 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_11 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_12 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_13 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_26 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_27 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_16 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_17 Alvas_nudisiri_photo_20

‘Enthusiasm to continue Nudisiri till 100 years’:

The mastermind of Nudisiri, Dr M Mohan Alva said, innovative search is today’s necessity. With this concept, the Nudisiri is organized every year. As the fans of literature like the audience, the Nudisiri is organized each year with a change, and appreciation to this has also been expressed. Hence we are enthusiastic to continue the Nudisiri for 100 years, he said.

Dr Mohan Alva felicitated both Dr Veena Santheshwara and Dr Venkatachala Shastry.

On the stage, veteran author Erya Laxminarayana Alva, Former Minister Amarnath Shetty, Jayashree Amarnath Shetty, Dr Vivek Rai, Dr Hampa Nagaraj and Dr Kamala Hampa, Harshendra Kumar of Dharmasthala Shrine, Prof Prabhakar, Sripathi Bhat were present among others.

Nearly 35,000 people gathered at the venue for the event.

The drone video record:

The procession including the complete inauguration ceremony was recorded through two drones (remote controlled mini-helicopter models) housed with cameras flying in air.

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