In this secular country, mutual trust is disappearing: Actress Nagma 

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Mangaluru, November 27: In the land that believes ‘Vasudaiva Kutumbakam’ (world family) it is of great concern that intolerance is being widely spread. In this secular country, mutual trust is disappearing, expressed actress Nagma.

She was addressing the gathering at culmination program of 10th edition of International Children’s Film Festival, was held at hotel Gold Finch here on Thursday November 26th. The event was organized by Children’s India.

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Nagma further said, first the mind should be clean. Then Swachh Bharat will be built.

India has always been globally known for unity in diversity and for peace. The Indians had also lived like that. But, out of 125 crore people, one –two crore are spreading fear, she said.

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Convenor of the event Nanjunde Gowda of Children’s India welcomed the gathering.

Karnataka Film Academy president SV Rajendra Kumar Singh, NR Nanjunde Gowda, ​​ Composer of Children’s Film PV Mohan and others were present.

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