MLA Lobo’s Highway developmen’t works inspection.

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Mangalore,July.3: The member of Legislative Assembly of Mangalore South Constituency, J R Lobo, along with the officials of the National Highway Authority, visited the various places in the highway and inspected development and progress works, here on Wednesday, July 03, 2013.

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At the beginning, Lobo paid visit to the pumpwell, to have a look over the major drain that has been left untouched and unfinished, opposite to the Mosque. He then visited the proposed land where the new busstand was supposed to be situated, interacted with the public, where the drain and road was a major issue for discussion.

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He further visited Bajjodi and the Little Sisters Orphanage and urged the officials to construct proper temporary drains for the smooth flow of rain waters. He also directed the officials with regards to the traffic management in two major circles, Nanthoor and KPT and urged them to construct a under pass or a over bridge, which among the one is better.

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He then visited Kulshekar Kaikamba and discussed with the higher officials with regards to the delay of Kulshekar Over Bridge and urged them to do it as the earliest, he also checked the problems faced by the public due to the very narrow service road across the over bridge in kulshekar.

He later had checked the Kottara Over Bridge and discussed with the officials on this regards.

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Speaking to the media, J R Lobo said, he has visted different places in the highway, where the works were pending, especially with relation to the four lane works. The major problem faced by the people across everywhere is that there is no drain for the flow of rain water. The higher officials of the NHAI have been directed to carry out proper drain facilities wherever required.

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Due to some financial crisis, the works were delayed and that it would be resumed and the works will be completed quicker soon after the monsoon gives a break. There is a need for widening of service roads in few places, proper steps will be taken for this as well. main junctions, Nanthoor and KPT needs a under pass or a over bridge. This has been brought to the notice of the officials and other related bodies. Steps will be taken to ensure that as well, he said.

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NHAI Project Director Sriram Mishar and team, corporators Praveen Chandra Alva, Keshava, Asha D’Silva, Naveen D’Souza and Sabitha Misquith, leaders Kallige Tharanath Shetty, Allwyn D’Silva, Stanley Alvares, T K Sudhir, Mohan Mendon, Krithin and others were present.

 Pics By : Driti.

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