Residents thwart officials bid to close crossing at Adyar

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Mangalore, July 01: A day after a goods train rammed into mini bus on June 30, Sunday, wherein a woman was killed and five others were injured. Railway officials arrived to the spot of accident in a bid to close the crossing.


The accident happened when a goods train hit a mini bus that was crossing the railway track. Due to the impact of the accident bus fell into the trench nearby.


Hundreds of residents from Adyarkatte, Neermarga and Adyarpadavu, who arrived and assembled near the gate on gathering the news of the officials arrival for closing the crossing and said that they will not allow road to be closed but instead they asked the railway officials to make the crossing and authorized crossing and appoint one sentry and humps be constructed nearby. Crossing is not officially listed in railway records.


Sources said in spite of demands to put up a gate at the crossing and have a sentinel on guard since 1986, the railway officials say that it is difficult to do so and are hence reluctant to authorize the crossing and have sentry.

The protestors also threatened to stop the train from Bangalore and did so for few minutes, when it arrived, however on request of the railway officials they allowed the train to resume.


According the locals crossing the railway track is the easiest access to go to Neermarga and other places and in case road is closed that will put the residents in hardship.

After the arrival of Nalin Kumar Kateel the situation became cool and intervened in the matter and pacified the protestors. He said that he will discuss with the officials concerned with regard to the proposed underpass at the spot at the meeting, that will be held later in the day at circuit house and railway officials will also hold a meeting with the local panchayat on July 5, to discuss the issue.

Convinced by his words, the protestors have called of their protest and railway officials too stopped the work.

Sudhakar Adyar, Vice president of Adyar gram panchayat Surendra Kambali.former president Jayashil Adyanthaya, Mahabala and others were present

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