MLA J.R. Lobho Visits Lady Goshen, Fish Market & Service Bus Stand.

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Mangalore, June 27: J R Lobo, MLA Mangalore South Constituency visited the Lady Goshen Hospital, Central Fish Market and the Service Bust stand, here on Thursday, June 27, 2013.

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On his visit to the Lady Goshen Hospital, he was accompanied by Dr Shakunthala, Medical officer, Dr Shantharam Baliga, nursing Superintendents and other staffs. He visited almost all the departments and chencked for any backdrops and necessities that are to be done, especially on a priority basis.

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He said that the Lady Goshen has been giving the best care to its patients. As the old block has been demolished and the new block is under construction, there is a temporary lack of space. Like that of Wenlock, there is shortage of staffs here also. Kitchen, OT, labour rooms and ICU has been maintained well. No major complaints as such, on the whole, the hospital has been running good and fine, he said.

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He visited the new construction site, spoke to the engineers, contractors and directed them with regards to their works and urged them to complete the project on time.

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He later visited the Mangalore State Bank Fish market, he spoke to the fresh fish and dry fish vendor and had a look over their problems. The major problems as stated by them were the roof leakage, water crisis and problems related to waste management.

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He then asked the JE’S, health officers and other officials to look into these matters seriously and do the needful immediately. He also checked for the damaged properties that are lying unattended in the service bus stands, like Chairs, Roofs, major pits etc. he also checked the public toilet nearby and urged the concerned department to get all the complaints cleared off at the earliest.

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He was accompanied by MCC health officers, officials, T K Sudhir, Krithin Kumar and others.

Pics By : Driti.

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