Great insult to qualified degree holders by state government; BJP Criticizes

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Mangalore, June 21: Padmanabha Kottary, district BJP President criticizing the state government’s policy on issuing liquor license to qualified degree holders just to mobilize the money for the government treasure, government is committing a great blunder and insult inflicting to the young qualified degree holders.

He further said in his scathing attack on governments stand, instead of filling thousands of vacancies lying in different government departments, government is planning to open new liquor shops, shows how much government is concerned about the welfare of the people and highlighting the graduates in a bad taste that only graduates are capable of running the liquor shops.

If tax is being generated through liquor shops only, days are not far away for starting government sponsored brothel, Gambling dens, Matka, he alleged.

Kottary further warned that government must drop the idea of opening new liquor shops by issuing license to educated degree holders and should learn to work towards the benefit of the people.

In case government is going ahead against the wishes of people.BJP in co-ordination with other party organizations would launch a massive protest soon, he warned.

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