Truck topples near AJ hospital, publics rush to grab fallen cashews

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Mangaluru, June 16: A truck laden with cashews toppled near Kuntikan on the Kerala- Mumbai highway near AJ hospital here on Monday June 15th evening, injuring the driver and conductor.

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The truck transporting the cashew was moving from Nanthur to Baikampady. After the driver lost control over the truck, it got toppled due to which most of the cashew fell on the road.

As the people rushed to collect these fallen cashews, traffic got disrupted for some time on the highway and the vehicles had lined up till some distance. The crowd were soon chased away by the police.

The truck belonged to Reliable Cashews. The exact cause for the accident is not yet known, but sources said that rash and negligent driving was the cause for the accident.

The driver and conductor escaped with minor injuries.

Kadri police immediately came to the spot and bought the situation under control. The truck was lifted with the help of crane.

A case has been filed at Kadri Police station.

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