Sewerage pumping plants inaugurated by MLA JR Lobo

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Mangalore, June 17: MCC under Kudsempu project constructed wet well (Rechaka Sthavara) units at Kodialguttu, Dambel and Kodical have been inaugurated by MLA JR Lobo on June 17, Monday.



Thereafter speaking to media reporters Lobo said in his address that construction of wet well (Pumping plants) units is a milestone and along with re-usage of water, problem of gushing of water from the underground pipelines also can be solved.



These plants are basically meant to pump the saturated sewage water from respective areas to the main plant at Kudroli, where in the cleaning process will take place. Unacceptable drainage water coming from different places will be stored in this wet well (Pumping plant) and will be pumped out after cleaning process is done. This clean treated water can be later utilized in special economic zones project purposes or any other works except for drinking said executive engineer Yashawant Raj.


Already city has got 22 pumping plants and at 13 different places continuously in use. Rest of the places yet to be started. At suratkal, Bajal, Pacchanadi, Kavoor there are four secondary wet wells are in use.


Newly started wet wells at Kodialguttu with 75 HP, at Dumbel with 35 HP and at Kodical with 25 HP capacity two motors each functioning. Plant is self operative and running twenty four hours a day.


The cost of this project which is around Rs 216 crore has been borne by MCC SEZ, Mangalore. Corporatorslike Prakash salian, Prakash Alape, Rajneesh, Congress leaders like T K Sudheer, Mohan Mendon, Krithin Kumar and among others were present.

Photo source: Sathish Kapikad

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