Grand opening ceremony of 19th Federation cup national senior athletics championship held in Mangala Stadium.

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Mangaluru, May 1: Mangala Stadium in Mangaluru was glimmering  with the presence of dignitaries, athletes from across India and sports lovers flocked to witness the opening ceremony of the 19th Federation cup national senior athletics championship on Thursday, April 30th. This is the first time that such a national event is being organized in this stadium. The event will go on till May 4th.

State minister for higher education RV Deshpande, inaugurated the event by releasing as many as two thousand balloons in the air.

Speaking on this occasion, minister Deshpande said, in order to give more encouragement to sports, the state government has extended complete support to organize this national sports in Mangaluru. As the Chief Minister was unable to attend this event due to pre-scheduled programs, due to his absence, I am inaugurating the sports event, said the minister.


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Renowned Bolly wood star Sunil Shetty who was the chief guest on this occasion said, being the son of Tulunadu, I feel proud to participate in the opening ceremony of such a sports event. Let the fame of Mangaluru in sports still rise higher, he said.

State sports and youth services minister Abhayachandra Jain, state minister for forests B Ramanath Rai, Health and family welfare minister UT Khader, Urban development minister Vinay Kumar Sorake, were present as the chief guests on this occasion.

MLA JR Lobo presided over the event. Karnataka Amateur Atheltics Association president Dr G Parameshwar, president of Athletics Federation of India Adil J Sumarivala gave an introductory address. Dakshina Kannada District Athletics Association president Manjunath Bhandary, Youth empowerment – Sports Department director H S Venkatesh, MLA Moideen Bava, MLC Ivon D’Souza, and Mayor of Mangaluru City Corporation Jacintha were present.

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Sahana Kumari, who represents Karnataka team recited the oath. DK district Deputy Commissioner A B Ibrahim welcomed. Journalist Manohar Prasad, compeered the program.

Awesome procession:

Prior to the inaugural ceremony wonderful procession went on comprising of the Police Band of Mysuru, Thattiraya, drum, colourful umbrellas, Kerala band team, Theyyam, Kudubi, Yakshagana, tiger dance, Kalladka dolls, Veeragase, Nagari and many other teams drew the attention all.

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