Cops seize illegal rice stock worth 71,000,and a lorry

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Mangaluru, April 25: Cops have arrested a man in connection to the illegal stock and attempt to transport rice from a whole sale shop at old Bunder here.

Cops have recovered 71 sacks of rice which belonged ration scheme and also arrested the shop owner.

The arrested is Devadas Bhat(52), resident of Kodiyalguttu ‘Shree Prasad’ house as well as the owner of Shree Prasad  trading company, Canara Chambers Road, Bunder here.

Based on reliable information that the undistributed rice under the government ration scheme were illegally stocked without any documents in Shree Prasad trading company and were being transported to be sold elsewhere for high prices, the Pandeshwar cops raided the spot.

Devadas was caught by the police, but one among the two persons who stood near the lorry has escaped.

Four rice sacks, were found inside the lorry, while 67 rice sacks, were recovered from the godown. Each sack of rice weighed 50kilograms.

Police have informed that, the rice was of ration card scheme which was purchased from a resident of Shivamogga which were being sold for more prices, revealed Bhat.

The Pandeshwar cops filed a case and have recovered rice worth Rs 71,000 and a lorry worth four lakhs.  Further investigations are on.

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