43 percent of the Shradi Ghat road works are completed -Ramanath Rai

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Mangaluru, April 22: District in-charge Minister Ramanath Rai along with the DK district Deputy Commissioner and Engineers of the Highway Department inspected the Shiradi Ghat road construction works.

Speaking to the reporters after inspection, Rai said 43 percent of the Shradi Ghat road developmental works are completed. He hoped that the road works will be finished by the end of May and the road will be opened for traffic from June.

The previous government had granted Rs 160 crores for the first phase of Shiradi ghat road developmental works which is going on briskly. The re-tendering process for the second phase of the road works will be decided this Friday and the works will be begun at an expenditure of Rs 85 crores.

Shiradi_gat_visit_2 Shiradi_gat_visit_4 Shiradi_gat_visit_3

As soon as the first phase road works on the Shiradi ghat will be over, the road will be opened for traffic. Discussions are on to carry on the second phase road works on this stretch without closing the road, he said.

Of the stretch works covering distance of 13. 62kilometres from Kempu Hole to Adda hole, 16 km of the road is completed using pavement quality concrete. Seven metres road is widened to 8.5 metres and concretized, said Rai.

The first phase works are undertaken at an expense of Rs 69.90 crores. The second phase works will be undertaken at a cost of Rs 85.28 crores. Although the contractors are given time till November to finish the first phase works, taking into account of the problems faced by the public’s the contractors are pressurized to finish the works sooner. Hence they have assured of completing the works by the end of May, he said.

Pavement quality:

Executive Engineer of the National Highway Department Nataraj C informed that the Shiradi Gaht is concretized in three phases.

In the first phase, granual sub base(GSB) of 0.15 metre thickness will be laid, over that dry lane concrete(DLC) of 0.15 metre thickness will be laid and finally pavement quality concrete(PQC) of 0.30 thickness will be laid, he said.

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