Searching for murder accused, a gang vandalizes a house.

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Mangaluru, April 1: An incident is reported to have occurred on Monday night March 30th near Urwa here in which a gang which hunted for the murder accused in a case, vandalized the house, after the intended person was not found there.

It is alleged that the attacking gang was led by father of the victim in the above said murder case.

It is gathered that, a gang which comprised of Jagga alias Talwar Jagga, Keertan, Deekshit, Mahesh, Rajesh and Mohit entered into the compound of a house owned by Vidya and damaged several buckets kept in front of the house using swords, iron rods, wooden sticks etc.

Following this, the gang members who entered into the house, demanded to know the whereabouts of a man named Abhilash. The gang with the weapons in their hands, damaged window glasses, it is said.

Vidya’s brother Arun, who is an auto rickshaw driver, resides in the neighbourhood. On hearing the commotion, he arrived to the spot and asked the gang to stop their act and vacate the spot. It is said that the gang members swung their swords at him, but Arun while escaping from it, injured palm of his right hand.

Loss incurred in the house due to the damage of window panes has been estimated at Rs 15,000.

It is said that Abhilash along with his accomplices had attacked and killed Varun, son of Jagga, sometime ago.

Urwa police have registered a case, based on a complaint filed by Arun. Investigations are underway.

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