If building norms/ rules are flouted, cancellation of license inevitable-Warns DC

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Mangalore, June 7: While addressing the gathering in the meet comprising of builders, civil engineers and health officials from MCC held at MCC on June 6, N Prakash, district deputy commissioner said in his speech that construction of the buildings is vital for the economic growth of the city. But those who are engaged in the field of construction must bear it in mind that area where construction is being carried out must be kept clean and tidy. They have to ensure that no debris, wastage is left behind in the area/place of construction.

He further said in the meeting attended by builders, civil engineers and health officials from MCC that most of the laborer’s /workers, who work in the sites, are migrated from other places. It has been brought to the attention of district deputy commissioner’s office that most of the builders are not providing basic facilities to their staff

He also said that health officials from MCC visited almost 383 various building sites in the city and observed that no prominence was given towards health and hygienic part by the builders.

It was also told that health officials from MCC have already surveyed 13 construction sites, where they have expressed their utter displeasure over the breeding of mosquitoes in the vicinity of construction sites and utter failure of basic facilities and total negligence of builders towards hygienic aspects.

He also said that he, himself will undertake personal visits to those sites and defaulters/violators will be sternly dealt with ,he warned.

Besides he also reiterated that those who do not adhere or follow the norms/guidelines of building construction, strict action against the violators is inevitable and he also added, along with your business, it is also equally important to ensure other’s welfare.

Blocking drainage water, dumping building materials in public roads etc are the sign of uncivilized culture and due to this environment is getting polluted and pedestrians, school children have to face problem while crossing the roads.

MCC has been receiving complaints in this regard on regular basis and MCC had sent tippers to three four sites to clear the debris/building materials near the sites and bills for the expenses incurred for  clearing the sites were sent to respective builders for payment.

If the practice is continued like this, without imposing fine on them, license of such violators will be cancelled without any hesitation or prior notice and MCC and builders must take the responsibility of tackling this task.

Srikanth Rao, commissioner, Balakrishna, asst.commissioner, developments were present in the meeting.

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