Awareness about dengue fever/epidemic disease control from June 10th to 15th;

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Mangalore,June 4: Speaking to the media reporters O R Srirangappa,district health officer said in his speech in press meet held on 3,Monday that now it has been established that dengue fever is one of the  dangerous epidemic diseases in the region since 2013.

Stagnant rain water in ponds,ditches around our houses will give a room to breed more flies/mosquitoes resulting the spread of more and more epidemic diseases.

In view of discussing about the control of epidemic diseases like dengue fever awareness programme has been organized from June 10th to June 15.During awareness programme period local MLAs/MPs,religious leaders, staff from women and children welfare department,school/college employees are expected to participate in the programm and doctors will give tips about how to control,prevent such dreaded diseases.

He also further said that through this campaign,visit to houses will also be done and camps will be organized with the co-operation of senior and junior staff of the health centres,awareness is being created in villages and directives will be given to implement the orders strictly about how to prevent/control the spread of epidemic diseases.

Besides awareness also being created by distributing pamphlets,handbills with school/college students,he said.

Dr Rajesh and Dr Arun Kumar were present in the meet.

Photo source:Sathish Kapikad

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