“Bruhat Hindu Samajothsava” in Mangaluru witness participation of over a lakh citizens.

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Pics By : Sathish Kapikad

Mangaluru, March 02: Over a lakh of people gathered in Nehru Maidan in the city to witness and take part in the Virat Hindu Samajothsava organised to mark the golden jubilee celebrations of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) on Sunday, March 1st.


Addressing the gathering, Sadhvi Balika Saraswati said in Kannada “Ellarigu Nanna Namaskara” which received huge applause from the audience. Pointing out to the mild drizzling in the beginning of the program, she said it is the blessings of the lord.


VHP has undertaken the job of uniting Hindus from the past 50 years, if Hindus are existing today, it is because of VHP.

She said India is the country of Hindus. Hindus will always stay here. The VHP is undertaking the work of uniting all the Hindus.


She added, oath has to be taken to make India free from corruption, frauds, Love Jihad, cow slaughter and thereby making a Hindu country. Those who live in India must say Vande Mataram, she said.




Virat_hindu_samavesha_5 Virat_hindu_samavesha_6

Construction of Ram Mandir: Ayodhya is the religious centre of Hindus. Shree Ram Mandir will be surely stationed there. None can stop from this. She hoped that the next Rama Navami be celebrated in Ayodhya, she said.

Caution: If your sisters are disturbed, give weapon in their hands in to give appropriate reply. Through this give an appropriate answer to love jihad, she said.

Since the cows are sold, they are being slaughtered. The Hindus have avoid cow slaughter by rearing it instead of selling the cows. Hindus have to take an oath to protect ‘Gow Matha’ , she said.

Virat_hindu_samavesha_7 Virat_hindu_samavesha_8

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Weapon for peace: Time has come to hold weapons for the cause of bringing peace in the country.

She further said, in Kerala and Assam, Namaz is performed on the streets by blocking the roads and also loud speakers are used five times a day. Is this is not sound pollution? Why cannot the government and Supreme court see this?

Bharat Mata is abused, our sisters are abused. Pakistan funds films in our country to insult our gods and goddesses but we Hindus are silent, she added.

“Bhagavad Geeta says every soul is child of God and every life is divine. Bharat is our land we will live as we wish in this land. We should fight against love Jihad and put an end to cow slaughter,” she declared.

Virat_hindu_samavesha_11 Virat_hindu_samavesha_12 Virat_hindu_samavesha_13 Virat_hindu_samavesha_14 Virat_hindu_samavesha_15 Virat_hindu_samavesha_16 Virat_hindu_samavesha_17 Virat_hindu_samavesha_18 Virat_hindu_samavesha_19 Virat_hindu_samavesha_20

Maintain the dignity and respect of Hindu Dharma: Pejawara Swamiji.

Shree Vishweshwara Theertha Swamiji of Udupi Pejawara Mutt blessed the occasion on behalf of the Swamiji’s who participated in the conference.

The conference witnessed the participation of Youths in large numbers. Pejawara Swamiji asked them not to involve in any untoward incidents and maintain the dignity and respect of Hinduism.

Swamiji said, loyalty towards the religion, religious tolerance, is the gist of Hinduism. We are not communalists, we are affectionate to all. Get united and utilize your strength to render service to the down trodden.

It is painful that Hindu religion is being affected by those who are influenced by western culture. It is condemnable that such persons are telling to burn ‘Bhagavad Getha’. We have to undertake the work of opening their eyes, said Swamiji.

Bhagavad Geetha has preached equality. We are ready to justify it anywhere, he said. It is condemnable that those who speak only about ‘Bhagavad Geetha’ do not speak on ‘Quran’ and ‘Bible’, said Swamiji.

On the issue of Ghar Wapsi, he said, all are speaking about Ghar Wapsi. But when there is conversion going on throughout the country no one speaks on it. If a question is asked about the difference between conversion and reconversion, no one has a clear answer. However, whether its conversion or reconversion, it should not be forcible. Some people ask what class the reconverted people belong to. The reconverted people will be given equal status as Hindus, Swamiji added.

 Virat_hindu_samavesha_21 Virat_hindu_samavesha_22 Virat_hindu_samavesha_24 Virat_hindu_samavesha_26 Virat_hindu_samavesha_27 Virat_hindu_samavesha_28 Virat_hindu_samavesha_29 Virat_hindu_samavesha_30 Virat_hindu_samavesha_31 Virat_hindu_samavesha_32

Virat_hindu_samavesha_33 Virat_hindu_samavesha_34 Virat_hindu_samavesha_35 Virat_hindu_samavesha_36 Virat_hindu_samavesha_37

Dr D Veerendra Hegde,  Dharmadhikari of Shree Kshethra Dharmasthala, presided over the conference. Addressing the gatherd, he said, Samajothsava is organized not to celebrate, but it is a directive for future programs. If we think we are weak, we will not be able to undertake any work. This Samajothsava is organized to shoe that we are strong, he said.

The VHP has rooted out the barriers between the castes. Unity of Saints has reduced the difference of people. The religious and economic equality has been achieved in fifty years, there are a lot of changes, he said.

The nationwide thought to save the cows and Ganga is growing. You have to do it first. Later teach others. Provocative feeling must be suppressed. Show your strength when needed. We have showed that all Hindus are all one, get ready for reformation through self confidence and enlightenment, there by modulating others.

Let the situation not arise of deploying 4,000 police during the Hindu Samajotsava. He said Dharmasthala Kshethra is always ready to protect Hinduthva, he said.

Virat_hindu_samavesha_38 Virat_hindu_samavesha_39 Virat_hindu_samavesha_40 Virat_hindu_samavesha_41 Virat_hindu_samavesha_42

Virat_hindu_samavesha_43 Virat_hindu_samavesha_44

Vijayanatha Vital Shetty, President of Samajotasava organizing committee said, I have arrived to the Samajotsava as a Hindu, I respect my religion first. I have overcome all the barriers to reach here. Seeing god in all is the uniqueness if Hindu Dahrma. It is not necessary to scold one for protecting the Dharma.

Virat_hindu_samavesha_45 Virat_hindu_samavesha_46 Virat_hindu_samavesha_47 Virat_hindu_samavesha_48 Virat_hindu_samavesha_49

Kolya Shree Rajayogi Shree Ramananda Swamiji, Odiyuru shree Gurudevananda Swamiji, Manila shree Mohandas Paramahamsa Swamiji, Adichunchanagiri Shree Dharmapalanatha Swamiji, Gurupura Shree Rajashekarananda Swamiji, Chikkamagaluru Shree Nithyananda Swamiji, Gurupura Jangama Mutt Shree Maharudramuni Swamiji, Kodevuru Shree Yogananda Saraswathi Swamiji, Kanyadi Shree Bramhananda Saraswathi Swamiji, Marakad Shree Narendranatha Yogeshwareshwara Swamiji, Kadri Jogi Mutt Shree Sandhyanath Swamiji, Balyakottu Shree Vikayatananda Swamiji, Kerinje Mutt Shree Muktananda Swamiji,  Polali Shree Viveka Cahitanya Swamiji, Balekodi Shree Sashikantha Mani Swamijji, were present on this ccassion.

Committee chairman Jagadep D Suvarna, Jagadish Shenava- district president, Bajarangala Dala provincial organizer Sahran Pumpwell, Treasurer Manohar Suvarna,  VHP srcretaryGopal Kuthar, RSS Chief Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat, convener of procession committee Raajgopal Rai, and others were seated on the dais.

Virat_hindu_samavesha_50 Virat_hindu_samavesha_51 Virat_hindu_samavesha_52

Virat_hindu_samavesha_54 Virat_hindu_samavesha_55 Virat_hindu_samavesha_56 Virat_hindu_samavesha_57 Virat_hindu_samavesha_58 Virat_hindu_samavesha_59 Virat_hindu_samavesha_60

VHP provincial president Prof M B Puranik spoke on this occasion.Organizer and Chief Secretary – Jithendra Kottari compered the program. Secretary Shivananda Mendon thanked.

Virat_hindu_samavesha_61 Virat_hindu_samavesha_62 Virat_hindu_samavesha_63 Virat_hindu_samavesha_64 Virat_hindu_samavesha_65 Virat_hindu_samavesha_66 Virat_hindu_samavesha_67 Virat_hindu_samavesha_68 Virat_hindu_samavesha_69 Virat_hindu_samavesha_70 Virat_hindu_samavesha_71 Virat_hindu_samavesha_72 Virat_hindu_samavesha_73 Virat_hindu_samavesha_74 Virat_hindu_samavesha_75 Virat_hindu_samavesha_76 Virat_hindu_samavesha_77 Virat_hindu_samavesha_78 Virat_hindu_samavesha_79 Virat_hindu_samavesha_80 Virat_hindu_samavesha_84 Virat_hindu_samavesha_86 Virat_hindu_samavesha_23 Virat_hindu_samavesha_25 Virat_hindu_samavesha_53 Virat_hindu_samavesha_78 Virat_hindu_samavesha_81 Virat_hindu_samavesha_85 Virat_hindu_samavesha_87

Five hundred buses were arranged to transport people to the Samajothsava function.

In the wake of Hindu Samajotsava, strict police vigil was deployed in the district and including police officers, 4000 police personnel’s were deployed.  Two thousand police were deployed in the city.

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