Another Gas tanker overturns at Nelyadi

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Nelyadi Gyas Tanker.

Mangalore/Puttur,June 1: When  the memories of gas tanker tragedy at Perne has not disappeared yet and still fresh in mind, a case of another gas tanker tragedy reported at Nelyady near Puttur on the Mangalore-Bangalore NH 75 on June 1,Saturday.

As the moderate rains continuously pouring in from Friday till Saturday morning, almost all the roads have dampened by rain water.

 Nelyadi Gyas Tanker.

The tanker was overturned on the highway and the gas started to leak from the storing tank of the truck.

The fire brigade arrived on the spot and began safety precautions to avoid any recurrence of major casualties as in the case of LPG tanker tragedy, which happened in the month of April, at perne wherein 10 people have been died and the fire engulfed nearby houses. The safety officers of the HPCL are yet to arrive at the spot.

Despite the major tragedy, drivers of the vehicles are recklessly driving on extremely slippery road, resulting incidents like this at the end.

The people who live along the highway are apprehensive over recurring incidents and urge the district administration to take immediate actions in this regard.

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