Groups fight near Talapady- Shops set on fire in Thokkotu, area remains tensed.

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Mangaluru, February 26: Two groups had hurled stones at each other after clash erupted  between them over issue on tying buntings at KC Road near Talapady on Wednesday February 25th night.


In this stone pelting incident, three cops and many other civilians were injured. Due to this, traffic on the highway was disrupted and a car was damaged in the incident.



After this incident, at about 9 pm, miscreants had set 13 shops on fire in Thokkottu which were completely charred. Fire extinguisher was brought to the venue. Estimated loss amounts to be in lakhs.


Tension prevails in the vicinity now.

It is reported that, on the eve of Brahma Kalashotsava a group of people were decorating with buntings and erecting flags at KC Road junction. The group which opposed this switched off the street lights and started to hurl stones and soda bottles.


The cops had rushed to control the situation. During which three cops Chandra Naik, Kamalakhshya and ASI Mohandas were injured and admitted to hospital. KSRP personnel’s also suffered injuries. Two Talapady residents Dinesh and Madhava who happened to be at the place of conflict also were injured.


DCP Vishnuvardhan, PSI Bharati and Ullal station officer Pavithra Teja are at the spot to monitor the situation. Additional police force is also brought to the spot.


Ullal cops have registered a case.

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