Citizens of all ages participate in the Nitte half marathon organized in the city.

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Mangaluru, February 23: Enthusiastic citizens of all ages participated in large numbers in the Nitte Mangaluru half marathon and 10 km run organized by Dakshina Kannada Athletic Association (DKAA) here on Sunday February  22nd.




Nitte_Half_Marathn_5 Nitte_Half_Marathn_6 Nitte_Half_Marathn_7 Nitte_Half_Marathn_8

The event was flagged off at 6 am. As many as 20,000 participants of all ages, men and women and boys and girls took part in the marathon. The marathon passed through Lady Hill, Mannagudda, Car Street, Navabharat Circle, PVS, MG Road and back to Mangala stadium.

Nitte_Half_Marathn_9 Nitte_Half_Marathn_10 Nitte_Half_Marathn_11 Nitte_Half_Marathn_12 Nitte_Half_Marathn_13

Nitte_Half_Marathn_14 Nitte_Half_Marathn_15 Nitte_Half_Marathn_16 Nitte_Half_Marathn_17 Nitte_Half_Marathn_18 Nitte_Half_Marathn_19 Nitte_Half_Marathn_20

Various categories of the event was inaugurated by Athlete Ashwini Nachappa, KPCC president Dr Parameshwar, health minister U T Khadar, sports minister Abhaychandra Jain, MP Nalin Kumar Kateel, and district incharge minister Ramanath Rai. Vinaya Hegde Chairman- Nitte Education Trust, Mayor Mahabala Maarla, and others were present.

Nitte_Half_Marathn_21 Nitte_Half_Marathn_22 Nitte_Half_Marathn_23 Nitte_Half_Marathn_24 Nitte_Half_Marathn_25 Nitte_Half_Marathn_26 Nitte_Half_Marathn_27 Nitte_Half_Marathn_28 Nitte_Half_Marathn_29

The event was organized with an aim to create awareness among the youth about sports and fitness and to stress on the need to channelize their energy in right direction.

Nitte_Half_Marathn_30 Nitte_Half_Marathn_31 Nitte_Half_Marathn_32 Nitte_Half_Marathn_33 Nitte_Half_Marathn_34 Nitte_Half_Marathn_35 Nitte_Half_Marathn_36 Nitte_Half_Marathn_37

The event comprised both competitive and non-competitive categories. The half marathon had two categories namely open category (16-45 years) and senior category (46-60 years). The 10 km run consisted of three categories – open category (16-45 years), senior category (46-60 years), and veteran category (61 years and above).

Nitte_Half_Marathn_38 Nitte_Half_Marathn_39 Nitte_Half_Marathn_40 Nitte_Half_Marathn_41 Nitte_Half_Marathn_42 Nitte_Half_Marathn_43 Nitte_Half_Marathn_44 Nitte_Half_Marathn_46 Nitte_Half_Marathn_47 Nitte_Half_Marathn_48 Nitte_Half_Marathn_49 Nitte_Half_Marathn_50

To draw youngsters to the event, the half marathon also comprised of a competitive category of 5 km run for college and high school boys and girls, and 3 km and 2 km runs for primary school boys and girls respectively. An open and non-competitive ‘Nama Balipuga 5 km Fun Run’ was also held.

Nitte_Half_Marathn_51 Nitte_Half_Marathn_52 Nitte_Half_Marathn_53 Nitte_Half_Marathn_54 Nitte_Half_Marathn_55 Nitte_Half_Marathn_56 Nitte_Half_Marathn_57 Nitte_Half_Marathn_58 Nitte_Half_Marathn_59 Nitte_Half_Marathn_60 Nitte_Half_Marathn_61 Nitte_Half_Marathn_62 Nitte_Half_Marathn_63 Nitte_Half_Marathn_64 Nitte_Half_Marathn_65 Nitte_Half_Marathn_66

Top six winners under the open category (16-45 years) of half marathon and 10 km run received special cash prizes. Top three winners under senior category (46-60) of half marathon and 10 km run as well as top three winners under veteran category of 10 km run were awarded the prizes.

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