Man made Foot Bridge; Befitting reply to government and local representatives

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Mangalore/Uppinangadi, May 29: It was reported that erstwhile BJP government had introduced a scheme of constructing foot bridges in undivided dakshina Kannada district for the convenience of the people of the villages to cross canals(small river) in their vicinity during rainy season.

However the foot bridge which was approved for Bevinakadapu of Thanniruvantha village of Belthangadi taluk had been diverted to some other part of the district on political ground.

Annoyed by this decision of government to divert the proposed foot bridge to other part on political reason, people of the Bevinakadapu by ignoring the government decision, have decided to build foot bridge by spending Rs 10,000/- from their own pockets for the convenience of the people to cross the canals(small river) during rainy season.

People of the Bevinakadapu have been demanding for the construction of foot bridge since long time as this is the only link road to Bayatharu, Uranadka, Panjikundelu, Alake and other parts of the village from Bavinakadapu.But it was all in vain.

When during the last assembly election, people of the village have decided to boycott the election for not meeting their longstanding demand of building foot bridge, then Zilla superintendent MLA Krishna J Palemar interfered and visited the place and convinced the people of the village with the promise of constructing the foot bridge at the earliest possible.

With the promise of foot bridge is being built after the assembly election MLA Vasantha Bangera has sanctioned Rs 4 lakh for the said purpose. But still the said bridge has not been constructed on political reason but villagers did not bother about that and accepted it as political challenge.

By contributing amongst the people of the village, they have arranged for the required items of areca nut and timber tree.Sadananda Shetty, President, gram panchayat, who did come to about the proposed construction of the foot bridge paid Rs 5000/ as his individual contribution from his own pocket.

According the villagers statement with the construction of this man made bridge by spending Rs 10,000/-forty families of the village will be benefitted and they said this is the shortcut route to cross the Bevinakadapu canal(small river) instead of taking long route especially during rainy season.

Although the bridge has been constructed by the people of the village now this has become a challenge to the government and made the representatives of this particular constituency to awake from their slumber.

 About the erstwhile BJP government’s proposed project of foot bridge construction, where those bridges have been built and what happened, the people of the village are unaware and still remained as a mystery. However people of the Bevinakadapu in Thannivantha village proved by constructing a foot bridge that the said project has not reached the Bevinakadapu yet and given a  befitting reply to the officials conerned.


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