Helpless mom sees 2 kids fall from balcony in Dubai

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An Asian mother saw double tragedy when both her children plunged off the balcony of her apartment in Discovery Gardens in Dubai. While her two-year old daughter died, the seven-month boy is seriously injured, reports local dailies.

Colonel Dr Mohammed Abdullah Al Murr, Director, General Department of Human Rights, said the 28-year-old woman who was carrying her son happened to see her toddler daughter out in the balcony. Before she went out to get her, she bent down to pick up a towel that had slipped from her hand, and in that split of a second, she saw the girl hang from the edge of the balcony.

The desperate mother in her attempt to save the girl quickly held out her hand but the baby in her arms tumbled down, too. The girl died on the spot and the baby boy is critical. The police rushed to the site and transferred both the kids to hospital.

The case is being handled by the Women and Child Protection department of the General Department of Human Rights. Meanwhile, investigations also continue.


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