“Get the basics of academic subjects right”: M.Padmanabha Pai

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Mangalore,Feb.05: ‘At the degree level the students must get their basics of the subjects they study right. Knowing the rudiments of any subject thoroughly will pave way for better learning in the future courses and also in your professional life said M.Padmanabha Pai, Correspondent of Canara Engineering college. He was addressing the gathering at the 38th annual day celebration of Besant Women’s College.

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He said, good communication skills ensure not only selection of the students for good posts in companies but also help in excelling in the jobs. The computer literacy and using basic softwares is must for degree student now , he added he also said degree education is just a stepping stone and post graduation is the expected nowadays for better job opportunities. Hence, students must use the opportunities to acquire as much as education soon after bachelor degree.

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Speaking on self motivation, he said if one sits waiting for some one to come and motivate many an opportunities will get wasted .Self motivation is the way to do great achievement in life. He said a self motivated person is not dependent on others.

Manel Annappa Nayak,vice president WNES , said college is striving to up hold the ideals of Anni Besant through imparting quality and relevant education to the women students in his presidential address.

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College correspondent Devananda Pai welcomed the gathering in the beginning of thestage programme. Student leader of last year Ms. Niharika and this year Nikhita Suvarna raised the toast for the College.  Principal Dr.Sudha K. readout annual report and Dipthi D’cunha read out student union report. Mr. Priya P. Pai, one among the guests gave away certificates to the meritorious students while Pro. Raviprabha read out their names. Maithri compeered

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