MESCOM contemplate to issue safety guideline after boy’s death

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Mangalore, May 28: It has been reported that Mangalore electricity Supply Company Ltd (MESCOM) is contemplating to issue circulars to all the apartments with regard to safety measures to be taken of independent transformer in their vicinity, which is close on the heels of an eight year old boy being electrocuted at a power transformer in Jeppu, Kutpady.

The briefing by junior and assistant engineers on how to take proper care of independent transformers has already begun, sources said.

Mescom sources said that prima facie there seems to be no violation of guidelines in installation of the transformer, close to an apartment in Jeppu, Kutpady, where the boy met a gory end.

The transformer was placed on a 6 foot high cement bed surrounded by an ordinary fence. The boy had scaled the fence and while climbing down he accidentally placed his hand on the transformer.

A senior official in Mescom said though the department was not at fault, it will still take an initiative to prevent the loss of innocent lives. As the boy had easily scaled the grill fence surrounding the transformer, the department felt the need of replacing such fences with ‘Child proof’ protective fence, he informed.

Junior and assistant engineers in MESCOM have already received instructions on replacing existing fences around the independent transformer close to buildings with meshed fences.

MESCOM managing director Sumanth when contacted said that they were deeply hurt on learning about the electrocution of the boy. The accident is not due to the negligence of MESCOM or its apartment owner. Parents should take care of their children when they are playing out-doors, he said.

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