Father abduct his seven-months pregnant daughter from spouse’s home

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KidnapAn alleged oil smuggling kingpin abducted his seven-months pregnant daughter with the aid of many of his accomplices because she had married against his wish. The woman’s 27-year-old husband, whom the oil mafia boss harbours a vitriolic mistrust against, filed the kidnapping case against him with the Bandra police on Monday.

The accused, Sadruddin Khan, and his accomplices loaded up in two cars and lifted his 29-year-old daughter Salma from her husband Saif Batliwala’s residence in Bandra (W), against her wish, Saif alleged. At the time of going to the press, there was no trace of Salma, or her father.

Secret son-in-law Salma Batliwala nee Khan was in love with Saif Batliwala. Salma’s father Sadruddin was not happy with their relationship and wanted the duo to split. But five years ago, Salma and Saif secretly got married without Sadruddin’s knowledge and continued to live separately, though they saw each other frequently.

Unaware of the marriage, Sadruddin married Salma off to someone else in Dubai. Back in homeland, Saif also got married to another woman. A few months ago, however, Salma came to Goa from where she flew to Mumbai to come back to Saif, and started living with him at his apartment in Al-Halal building in Bandra. Sadruddin, a man with a lot of pull, forced Saif and Salma to stay apart but failed.

A few months ago, the case reached the Bandra police station where Sadruddin threatened Saif and Salma, in front of the police officials, that he would go to any extent to break up their marriage. The cops did not take the threat seriously. Around noon on Monday, Sadruddin with an entourage of accomplices, entered Saif’s Bandra residence.

‘Life in danger’ Speaking to MiD DAY, Saif said, “My father-in-law Sadruddin forcefully took away my wife. My sister has recorded the whole incident on her mobile phone, which is a crucial piece of evidence. I am afraid that my wife’s life is in danger. If the police do not take action soon, things could get worse. He can even kill her.”

Aides nabbed The police intercepted a white SUV with many of Sadruddin’s aides in Sewri and took them into custody. The other car, a silver Verna, in which Sadruddin is allegedly with Salma is still untraceable. Senior police inspector Abhay Shashtri said, “We have registered a kidnapping case and are further investigating the matter. It is a serious offence and I cannot divulge more information.”

A source from Bandra police station said that Sadruddin was not happy with her daughter’s marriage to Saif. He thought Saif had his eyes on his property worth many crores, and his suspicions never allowed him to accept Saif as a son-in-law, the police official said.

The kingpin and his mafia Sadruddin Khan allegedly controls a big oil mafia and is a smuggling kingpin. He has several cases registered against him. Khan has also been charged under the stringent Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA).

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