Town Hall still remains unavailable for the public’s although two months have elapsed.

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Mangalore, December 29: The renovation works to modernize the Mangalore Town Hall has been carried over the past two months.

In fact, the refurbished Town Hall was expected to be opened on December 30th. But viewing at the current progress in the up-gradation works, one cannot expect that the town hall might be available even after a month.

The town hall building will be completing 50 years after its construction. On account of it, Mahabala Maarla, Mayor of Mangalore City Corporation has come forward to renovate the building. If the work had progressed according to the paln, by December 30th the renovation work would have been completed.

The contract has been taken by the government constructions which has delayed the works as usual.  But no clear answer is available to who is responsible for the delay in renovation of the town hall.

Town Hall renovation is progressing well. In order to avoid problems in future, modernized technical arrangements are made which might have delayed the renovation works.

Mayor Mahabala Maarla is also aware of the fact the construction works are delayed. But by disturbing the current system in place, he feels the work may be still delayed, but he does not express this it openly.

This is a convenient season to organize various programs. The renovation works were also begun during the same season. Many entertainment programs were conducted in the town-hall for free. It was quite beneficial for the public.

Since the Town Hall remains unavailable, the public have to hunt for other halls to organize their programs. Unable to bear the huge rents and unavailability of halls, plays, theater events, meetings, and ceremonies are cancelled.

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