SCC Bi-Decennial Celebration at Paladka

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SCC Bi-Decennial Celebration-Dece9_2014_033

The Bi-decennial celebration of SCC ,Paladka was held on 7th December 2014. In the beginning there was a Eucharistic service at 8am with Fr. Benjamin Pinto as the main celebrant.

After the mass the celebration continued in the hall. The programme was presided over by the Parish Priest Fr. Ivan Michael Rodrigues, Fr. Benjamin Pinto, SCC founder of Paladka was the Chief guest. Sr. Amala, Superior of the convent, Mr. Denis D’Mello, Vice president of Parish pastoral parishad, Mr. Vincent Pinto, secretary of Parish pastoral parishad and Mr. Vincent Sequeira, Convener of SCC , Paladka were also present on the dais.

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The programme began with a prayer service by Sr. Josina and Mr.Victor D’Souza. Mr. Vincent Sequeira welcomed the guests and gathering. Mr. Denis D’Mello gave introduction to SCC reports and lamp. Then all 12 ward leaders of the parish came to the dais in procession with their ward reports and lighted candles. Simultaneously ward secretaries read the reports. They exhibited the reports in the form of fruits on a tree. Then the dignitaries of dais lighted the lamp. Then there were presentations of gospel based SCC hymns. All 12 ward members presented a hymn each with action.

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Fr. Benjamin Pinto in his message said that a lot of change has taken place in the attitude of people towards SCC. Now the people take active part in the 6th step. He appreciated the progress of SCC in Paladka.

Fr. Ivan Michael Rodrigues in his presidential address compared the enmity to rotten tomato in the pocket. If it is kept for longer period it becomes unbearable. We can live peacefully only when we get rid of enmity. Mr. Vincent Pinto delivered vote of thanks. Smt. Clotilda Miranda was the moderator the programme.

Report by: Mr. Vincent Sequeira, Paladka
Pictures by: Mr. Felix D’Souza, Paladka

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