Attack on Swamiji by unknown persons

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Mangalore, May 15: An incident of attack on Swamiji has been reported at the city’s service bus stand, Nehru Maidan on May 13, Monday night by two unidentified persons.

Sources said two unknown persons attacked Sri Vijayagiri Maharaj, supposed to be in his fiftees, who belongs to Srirama Giri Maharaj kuteer in Badrinath Kaikamba in Uttaranchal and attackers reportedly fled away the scene.

According to the religious leader, who was treated at the city’s wenlock hospital for his bruises, the assaulters approached him at around 11.45 pm, when I was waiting for Dharmasthala Bus and asked for my mobile phone.

When I questioned the purpose of having my phone, one of the accused hit on his cheeks and tried to snatch mobile, swamiji said.

Swamiji said that he planned to travel to Dhamasthala and was waiting at the bus stand as he had arrived there late and did not get the bus.It was suspected that attackers might be working in some bus.

Pandeshwar police have registered a case in this regard and investigation is in progress.

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