Ayurvedic remedy for Ebola will be sent to Liberia.

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Mangalore, September 17: The Karnataka State government has decided to send Ayurvedic medicines to Liberia, since Ebola virus is spreading over Africa and not ebbing. It has already claimed lives of 2000 people and over 3000 people have tested positive for Ebola. State Health and Family Welfare Minister U T Khadar has assured Senior Senator of Maryland County John Akel Ballout, who is also the Chairman of Liberia National Security Senate Committee that the state will provide medical assistance to the virus hit Liberia. Telephonic conversation was carried out with Khader by Ballout.

Senator Ballout enquired about the healing efficiency of Ayurveda. Stating that, his online research had revealed that in ancient times; a similar disease like Ebola had been cured by Ayurveda, the Liberian Senator requested Khadar for the sufficient supply of Ayurvedic medicine.

In response, Khadar said he too had heard from his department that there was a natural remedy for Ebola and assured sending free medicine and once effectiveness was confirmed by Liberian authorities, the State would supply more medicines penny-free to Liberia and other affected countries.

Since two years, a Mangalore based Wilfred D’Souza who was in Liberia; and  was closely associated with Khadar during their student political organisation days, was responsible for this meeting. After Ebola broke out in Liberia, D’Souza has returned to Mangalore a few days back.


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