Californian mother convicted for burning daughter in microwave

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Washington: A Californian mother-of-four has been found guilty and convicted of murdering her two-month-old daughter by placing her in a microwave for five minutes.

According to a report in Dailymail, 34-year-old Ka Yang, lied to the investigators and her family that she had been holding her daughter and working at the computer when she fell unconscious. She later woke up on the floor to find her daughter injured in a space heater nearby, Yang said.

The two-month-old Mirable was found with 60 per cent burns, including radiation burns in her internal organs. After investigators found a pacifier inside the microwave and pointed out inconsistencies in her stories, Yang acknowledged that she lied. She later said that she might have split personality. But the Jurors rejected her argument that she was suffering from an epileptic seizure when she placed her daughter in the microwave.  

Prosecutors said that Mirable was in the microwave for at least two and a half to five minutes and was burned from head to toe, but her hair and clothes were not signed. They also confirmed that she has no criminal records. She has been sentenced for 26 years to life.

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