Child prodigy, 2, becomes youngest ever to join genius club Mensa

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kirby -adam-mensaLittle Adam Kirby has read Shakespeare and learned Japanese, Spanish and French.  The super-intelligent tot notched up an IQ of 141 – 10 points higher than two of the most powerful world leaders.

His parents Dean, 33, and Kerry-Ann, 31, immediately knew their son was different when he toilet trained HIMSELF – after reading a book on the subject aged just one.

Adam’s other impressive abilities include being able to spell 100 words, reciting most of his times tables up to 10, learning the periodic table and mastering a map-of-the-world puzzle designed to challenge adults.

After receiving his IQ test results, he was invited to join the world’s oldest and most prestigious genius society Mensa.

Dad Dean, an IT consultant from Mitcham, London, said: “Adam’s abilities are outstanding and we’ve been actively developing his intelligence since he was 10 weeks old. We’re certainly delighted for him.

kirby -adam-mensa.1Adam Kirby ranked smarter than Barack Obama and David Cameron

“While most children are just learning to stand up or crawl, Adam was reading books. His development was just mind-blowingly quick.”

 Adam’s score of 141 – just four shy of the ’Genius’ category – puts him head and shoulders above the average Brit’s IQ of 100.

The Stanford-Binet exam, originally developed by French psychologist Alfred Binet, has become renowned for being able to accurately determine a child’s intelligence levels and predict future grades.

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