Brazil’s tallest man finds love with tiny woman

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Love is known to be blind but love happens when you least expect it. This 7ft 8in man, who lives in Brazil was so embarrassed by his height that he hid at home for ‘half his life’ but he has found finally love – with a woman three feet smaller than him.



According to Mirror, Joelison Fernandes da Silva developed gigantism as a child and grew so rapidly he was forced to drop out of school due to bullying and refused to leave the family house for years. But after a successful surgery Silva’s condition is under control and he has now found happiness by marrying five-foot Evem Medeiros.

Silva who has been offered reffered to as ‘gentle giant’, is officially Brazil’s tallest man. Joelison was quoted saying “The day I saw her I think it was love at first sight.” Height is the least of their obstacles.

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