In Gujarat, Advani all for Modi as PM

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Ahmedabadi: From open dissent to quiet acquiescence, LK Advani has finally turned the bend and backed Narendra Modi as his – and BJP’s – PM candidate.

In Ahmedabad to inaugurate the Sabarmati Reiverfront Garden, LK Advani put rest to all speculation about will-he or won’t-he make peace with the one man who seems to be unifying the saffron party as a credible challenger to the UPA.

The Advani-Modi Love Story

Speaking at the inauguration, while sharing the dais with Narendra Modi, Advani was all praises for the Gujarat CM. “By this inauguration, Narendra Bhai has showed something different. He thinks on how to do things that are not there anywhere.”

Advani now seems to be openly endorsing Modi saying, “I have seen this quality in Narendra Bhai for a very long time, even before he came into power.”

Steering clear of all controversy, Advani towed the Modi line of development, talking about how even the rivers in the state have benefited from Modi’s rule, “When I saw the Sabarmati then, I wondered is this the river associated with Gandhi ji? But see it today. The mind gets impressed.”

He went on to say, “We will be happy to form the government next time and Narendra Bhai will be our PM.”

Advani went on a step further and thanked Modi for his olive branch, “I specially thank Narendra Bhai. He has not only done a great thing but also called me as the MP of Gandhinagar to address you.”

Advani went on to attack the UPA, invoking the legacy of Vajpayee, “We came to power for 6 years, Vajpayee ji was the leader, we formed Governments in states too. I got the chance to work with Vajpayee ji. When we formed Govt, Vajpayee ji said our infrastructure must be good. We served the people for 6 years but the prices did not rise. This despite economic sanctions put by USA. We kept prices under check. We did not compromise with security of the nation.”

Targetting the UPA’s scam-tainted rule Advani went on to hold NDA’s time in power as the ideal,”Good governance and honest governance happened under NDA.”

Advani did not spare the Congress’ Nehruvian legacy either, saying “I used to think in a short span after Independence we will be a leader of the world. But then the world refused to believe in our democracy also. More than who after Nehru they discussed what after Nehru. Nehru ji went but democracy is there. Forget the Emergency time but democracy has been very strong.”

Falling in line with Modi’s rhetoric, Advani also harked at this being India’s time to lead the world,”Wherever we are in power we should think – the last century belonged to the West, to Russia but 21st century will take India to new heights.”

Narendra Modi then took to the podium. Here is what he said:

–There may have been some reasons in the past that difficulty became a virtue. Poverty also became virtue. This has changed. When we are in a global world we have to make our place and this cannot only happen by reciting quotations.

–World sees the strengths you have, your economy, how are you embracing technology, how are you contributing to HRD. We will need so much manpower in the coming days…HRD is linked to the future of the nation. And we are blessed with youth power. Imagine how much they can contribute towards nation building. Need of the hour is to create manpower than can help in Rashtra Nirman

–Earlier, maybe strength was accepted due to military or economic power but today there are other factors too through which we can stand out. One such thing is knowledge. It is important to scale new heights of knowledge.

–The world sees how the infrastructure is. It is very important. Lot of private investment is also coming in the form infrastructure. Why cannot we prepare engineers to help in making infrastructure stronger?

–Aspirations are rising. People say we want these services too. And Governments have to fulfil these aspirations.

Never one to miss a chance to attack the ruling dispensation, Modi lay the blame of the delay in inaugurating the IITRAM at the Centre’s door.

“I am late in this. We passed the bill but Governor refused to sign it. Bill was passed two times, still was pending for 6 months. Reason was: They were determined not to let it happen till 2012 Elections. We said do it in March but no. Those states, particularly those against the Centre are facing this problem. Their voices are being suppressed.

“Who is bigger, the 6 crore people of Gujarat or select people who are holding offices. You must face the people, you have a chance in 2014.”

Thankful that Advani ji came here to my constituency for this. This is not for a seat or a city but for the nation, said Narendra Modi signing off his speech.

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